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MASHKENTA offers a range of services to make your project.
MASHKENTA implements finance your real estate purchase and loan insurance. MASHKENTA also offers debt consolidation and specific solutions for foreign investors.
But our mission to support your finances in Israel does not stop mounting the credit file or obtaining a loan. We are here to provide our services and experiences in different stages but also Israeli financial areas of the world.'); define('TEXTELIHADDAD','Eli Haddad Law Office and Notary was established in 1997 as Mr. Eli Haddad, Lawyer and Director of the Office manages a team of over 20 professionals. The Law Office, located in the heart of "The City", a privileged location in the central business district of Ashdod, specializes in Real Property Law. The Law Office provides a wide scope of comprehensive and transversal professional services including advisory, litigation and auditing services.
Eli Haddad Law Office and Notary gained fame thanks to its practical approach advocating the implementation of customized solutions to meet each Client specific needs. This professional approach has contributed to the recognition and promotion of Eli Haddad Law Office and Notary as leader business Law Office in the region.

Since our goal is our Clients satisfaction, bearing in mind their needs diversity, their concern and their ambitions, their uniqueness, Eli Haddad Law Office and Notary develops an innovative, original concept of turnkey solutions specifically adapted to fit the Clients project requirements. Our tailor-made solutions are designed for you to take full advantage of the business. Our services are appreciated by investors making a series of transactions as well as by individuals buying their house. Our professional team provides our Clients with high level services, lending an attentive ear to care and handle their requests.

Eli Haddad Law Office and Notary enjoys a privileged professional relationship with all the service providers, professionals, companies and Government services involved in your real estate transactions: mortgages banks, insurances, contractors, Land Registration, architects etc…
Eli Haddad Law Office and Notary is equipped with a sophisticated advanced IT system, designed and developed to meet the acute requirements of the Office. We consider confidentiality to be of the utmost importance with no room left for compromise. Therefore, our priority is to secure sensitive information for which we invest significant efforts in research and development to protect data and we have it backed in several strategic places intentionally scattered in the world. Eli Haddad is a law firm exclusively dedicated to the social right, offering to its customers a total service and transversal as a council, dispute, to that and formation. Far from the pre-formatted diagrams, Eli Haddad invents and develops for each one of its customers of the solutions “over measure” adapted to their concerns, their culture, their activity and their organization.'); define('INTROELIHADDAD','More than a lawyer. Your private counselor for over 20 years.'); define('PRET_FR','Mortgage in FRANCE'); define('PRET_IL','Mortgage in ISRAEL'); define('AVOCAT','Law'); define('INTROCAFPI',''); define('INTROAVIVM',''); define('AVEC','with'); define('VOIRDETAILS','See more'); define('CREDITIMMOMASHKENTA','MORTGAGE WITH MASHKENTA'); define('QUESTIONSJURIELIHADDAD','LEGAL QUESTIONS WITH ELI HADDAD'); define('SUIVANT','next'); define('PRECEDANT','previous'); define('MOINSKUNMOIS','Less than a month'); define('VACANCES','Holidays'); define('LIEN_VAC','Holidays'); define('LIEN_NEUF',' New'); define('LIEN_LUXE','Luxury'); define('LIEN_LOC','Rent'); define('STATS','Key figures of'); define('DER_ANN','Last listings'); define('ENSAVOIRPLUS','Learn more...'); define('META_CLASS','Real estate in Israel'); define('META_KEYWORD','Israel Real Estate,real estate,israel,sale, rental, Property Management, Jerusalem, Ashdod, Eilat, Herzliya Pituach, Herzliya, Tel-Aviv, Raanana,ashdod,ashkelon,real estate, retirement, herzlya pitouah, eilat,natanya,haifa,alya,investment,jewish, jew,home,villas,listings,new projects,real estate properties,properties,mansions,gardens, balcony, swimming pool'); define('META_DESC','Israel real estate - All properties in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Ashdod, Raanana, Herzliya, Netanya, Eilat, Hadera, Ashkelon, Ramat gan, Bat yam'); define('NOSCRIPT',' '); define('BIENVENUEDANSADMIN','Welcome to the Administration area'); define('CODECLIENT','Client ID'); define('ACCESAGENCE','Agency Login'); define('DEVENIRPART','Become a partner'); define('DEVENIRANNO','Advertize with us'); define('VOTRESITEWEB','Your website'); define('ESPACEPARTICULIER','Personal area'); define('ACCESPERSO','Personal Login'); define('EXPLICATIONS','Explanations'); define('SINSCRIRE','Sign up'); define('DEFINIRRECHERCHE','Define your search'); define('PROFESSIONNELS','Business'); define('IMMOENCHIFFRE',' in figures'); define('PARTICULIERS','Individuals'); define('MANDAT','Post a mandate'); define('MANDATRECH','Search for a property'); define('MANDATVENTE','Sell a property'); define('MANDATGESTION','Property management mandate'); define('VOTREESPACEPERSO','Your personal area'); define('INSERVOTREAN','List your property'); define('PARTSITEINT','Partner\'s web sites'); define('ASHDOD','Ashdod'); define('JERUSALEM','Jerusalem'); define('NATANYA','Natanya'); define('RAANANA','Raanana'); define('TELAVIV','Tel Aviv'); define('EILAT','Eilat'); define('BATYAM','Bat Yam'); define('HADERA','Hadera'); define('ENPARTAVEC','In partnership with'); define('DERNIERESANNONCES','Latest listings'); define('PRESTIGE','From 5.000.000 ₪'); define('TOPIMMOBILIER','Top'); define('TOPANNONCES','Top Ads'); define('TOPCC','Top Specials'); define('TOPCHIFFRECLE','Top Statistics'); define('TOPPARTENAIRES','Top Partners'); define('TOPHISTOIRE','Top Israel History'); define('HISTOIRE','History'); define('DISRAEL','of Israel'); define('CLICKICI','Click Here'); define('DEVENIRPART','Become a partner'); define('AXXDIRECT','Direct Access'); define('TRANSAC_TYPE','Type'); define('MINIMUM','Minimum'); define('ALERTEEMAILGRATOS','Free email alert'); define('TXT_ALERTEEMAILGRATOS','Click here to receive the new offers matching your search criteria.'); define('INSCRIVEZVOUS','Subscribe now!'); define('LEPREMIER1','Be the first to receive our offers!'); define('GARDERCETRECH','Keep this search'); define('JEGARDECETRECH','I keep this search!'); define('CONVERVEZCETTERECH','keep your research next time you come!'); define('MOTCLESEARCH','Search by keywords'); define('UTILISERCEMOTEURPOUR','

Use this search Engine to personalize your research.

- 4 rooms with terrace in Tel aviv
- Villa with pool
- Holidays rent in Eilat
- Or write the name of the realtor if you know it...

'); define('SURLE','Sur le'); define('RECHERCHEGOOGLE','Google search'); define('RECHERCHEGG','Google search'); define('CONTACTBLBL_TITLE','Send an mortgage application form'); define('CONTACTBLBL_COM','I am interested in receiving advise regarding mortgages.'); define('CONTACTBLBL_INTERESS','I would like to receive information from a mortgage advisor'); define('CONTACTBLBL_ENVOYER','To fill in mortgage application form'); define('CONTACTBLBL_SUCCESS','The mortgage application form was sent successfully!'); define('REUSSI','Sent!'); define('RETIRERSELEC','Remove from my selections'); define('PHOTOS','Pictures'); define('DETAILSDEAN','Listing details'); define('MESSELECTIONS','My selections'); define('MESANNONCES','My listings'); define('NOSANNONCES','Our listings'); define('MESRECHERCHES','My search'); define('AFFINERRECHERCHE','Refine my search'); define('ELARGIRRECHERCHE','Expand my search'); define('CALCULERCREDIT','Calculate your mortgage'); define('MONESPACEPERSO','My account'); define('PASSERUNEANNONCE','Publish a listing'); define('PRIXM2','Median price per Sqm'); define('PRIXM2TITLE','Median price per Sqm'); define('ENSHEKEL','(in shekel)'); define('DATE','Date'); define('NBANNONCE','Ads found'); define('DEMENAGEISRAEL','Déménager en Israel Rénovation'); define('VOTREMETIERICI','Your profession'); define('CREDITIMMOBILIER','Mortgage / Loan'); define('CREDITIMMOBILIER','Real estate Mortgage'); define('DROITSIMMOBILIERS','Real estate rights'); define('ASSURANCEIMMO','Insurance'); define('GESTIONIMMO','Management and Strategy'); define('TRANSFERT','Currency transfer'); define('AVOCAT','Lawyer / Notary'); define('SECURITEALARME','security Alarms'); define('RETROUVEZTSIMER','Find, rental in northern Israel'); define('RETROUVEZPJ',' find the directory of professionals in Israel'); define('NOUVELLERECHERCHE','New Search'); define('COORDONNEEAGENCE','Contact'); define('CONTACTANNO','Contact the agency'); define('IDENTIFIEZVOUS','Identify'); define('VOS_COORDONNES','Your contact details'); define('ACTU_IMMO','News'); define('AJOUTE_LE','Posted on'); define('LIRE_LA_SUITE','Continue reading'); define('BIENVENUE','Welcome'); define('TXT_BIENVENUE','Welcome to the news partners on our portal:'); define('EXPERTS','Trust the real estate professionals'); define('PARTICULIERAPARTICULIER','from Individual to Individual'); define('ANNONCES_SUR','Property adverts in'); define('CONSEIL_EXPERT','Advice from experts'); define('TINYTEXTPA','You want to sell or rent your property? Simply fill out the form by CLICKING HERE '); define('TITREPA',' You want to publish a listing ? '); define('TITREGESTION','You want to put your property in Management ?'); define('TEXTEGESTION','Entrust the rental management of your property to a professional agency in Israel. It suffices to transmit a management mandate by CLICKING HERE'); define('TXTINTROGESTION','Entrust the rental management of your property to a real estate agency among our partners. It suffices to send a management mandate by completing the form below.'); define('TITREPA1','SELL YOUR PROPERTY '); define('TINYTEXTPA1','To sell your property in Israel directly from Individual to individual.

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Learn more'); define('TINYTEXTMR',' search for you. Simply fill out the form by CLICKING HERE and an email will automatically be sent to our partner agencies.'); define('TINYTEXTMR_EN',' search for you. Simply fill out the form by CLICKING HERE and an email will automatically be sent to our partner agencies.'); define('TITREMR',' Looking for a house in Israel ? '); define('TINYTEXTMV',' Want to sell your property? gives you the ability to post your ad to its partner-agencies. Simply fill out the form by CLICKING HERE and your listing will be forwarded to our partner agencies.'); define('TINYTEXTMV_EN',' Want to sell your property? gives you the ability to post your ad to its partner-agencies. Simply fill out the form by CLICKING HERE and your listing will be forwarded to our partner agencies.'); define('TITREMV',' Looking for a house in Israel? '); define('TINYTEXTCR',' enables you to calculate your mortgage. Simply fill out the form by CLICKING HERE'); define('TINYTEXTM2',' gives you the average price per sqm depending on the city and the neighborhood. '); define('TINYTEXTCDC','Our Features you cannot pass!! '); define('TINYTEXTRE','Looking for a house?
Please fill out the form by Clicking here'); define('TINYTEXTPR','Our best and expensive Prestige Homes!
Starting at 5.000.000 ₪'); define('TINYTEXTMET','All business that match real estate.
Your business meets our Criteria? Feel free to Contact Us'); define('TINYTEXTCRE','Mashkenta allows customers to buy real estate in Israel under the most favourable conditions.'); define('TINYTEXTAVO','Eli Haddad Law Office and Notary was established in 1997 as Mr. Eli Haddad, Lawyer and Director of the Office manages a team of over 20 professionals'); define('CONTACTEZNOUS','Contact us'); define('INVESTISSEUR','Special investors'); define('INTRO_INVESTISSEUR','Special investors'); define('ADSERVER_PUB_HEADER','126'); define('ADSERVER_PUB_HEADER2','131'); define('ADSERVER_PUB_RIGHT','127'); define('ADSERVER_PUB_CARRE','128'); define('ADSERVER_PUB_LONG','129'); define('INTRO_ANNO','Please fill in the following table to contact us and we will be in touch with you shortly.'); define('INTRO_PARTE','You are a real estate agency in Israel, or abroad offering properties in Israel. We offer to list you and create your virtual real estate agency in order to present your own listings online.'); define('MODIFANNONCE','Edit this listing'); define('SUPPANNONCE','Delete this listing'); define('PAYERANNONCE','Pay this listing'); define('ATTENTEVERIF','Awaiting verification'); define('AJOUT','Added in'); define('LE','in'); define('PAR','By'); define('DE','of'); define('RECHERCHE_INTERNAUTE',"Recherche detaillee d'un internaute"); define('VENTE_INTERNAUTE',"Vente detaillee d'un internaute"); define('GESTION_INTERNAUTE',"Mandat de gestion d'un internaute"); define('INFOCOMP',"Additional Informations"); define('WEBSITE','Website'); define('SURFACE','Area'); define('BUDGET','Budget'); define('OPTIONS','Options'); define('COMMODITES','Conveniences'); define('MIN','Minimum'); define('MAX','Maximum'); define('VALIDER_CRITERES','Validate criteria'); define('EFFACER_CRITERES','Clear criteria'); define('CONFIEZ_VOTRE_BIEN','Entrust your estate'); define('TEXTE_CONFIEZ_VOTRE_BIEN','Entrust your property to a real estate agent.'); define('DEMANDE_CLIC','Apply in one click'); define('CHERCHEZ_VOTRE_BIEN','Find your property'); define('TEXTE_CHERCHEZ_VOTRE_BIEN','Find your property using Professional realtor.'); define('RECHERCHE_CLIC','Search in one click'); define('VOIR_NEWS','All the news'); define('ANOTRE','to our'); define('RETROUVEZ_NOUS','Follow us on'); define('TXT_FOOTER',' is not responsible for the textual and photographic content of the listings. It is only the partner agencies\' responsibility.'); define('TXT_FOOTER2',' is not responsible for the textual and photographic content of the listings. It is only the partner agencies\' responsibility.'); define('LESDESCRIPTIONS','"Clear view","Terrace","Backyard","Courtyard","Seafront","Independent entrance","Parking","Garage","Basement","Elevator","Remodeled","To renovate","Furnished","A/C","Swimming Pool","Solar water heating","Central heating","Local heating","2 toilets","2 bathrooms","Orthodox area","Traditionnalist area","Secular Area","Sukkah","Private swimming pool","Communal swimming pool","Private Elevator","Mamad","Jacuzzi","Private Parking","Communal Parking","Elevator of shabbat","Full sea view","Partial sea view","Sports Hall","Caretaker"'); define('SEEALL3','See all our properties'); define('RECHERCHE_AVANCEE','Advanced search'); define('RECHERCHEIMMO_AVANCEE','Advanced search'); define('VENDULE','SOLD in'); define('LOUELE','RENT in'); define('TRIER','Sort by...'); define('CROISSANT','growing'); define('DECROISSANT','descending'); define('ERROR','Oops! Sorry, the page has changed or no longer exists.'); define('IMMOBILIER','Real estate'); define('TEXT_PORTAIL','1st real estate portal in israel'); define('GOALI_LTD','GOALI LTD
Yossef Hackmi 18, Jerusalem
Phone: +972 (0)58-653-5526'); define('TITLE_SLIDER1','Find your home'); define('TITLE_SLIDER2','among our listings!'); define('TITLE_SLIDER3','Sell or Rent your property in Israel'); define('TITLE_SLIDER4','from Individual to Individual !'); define('TXT_SLIDER1','All properties from Individual to Individual in Israel'); define('TXT_SLIDER2','with PAP'); define('BTN_SLIDER1','Find a Sale'); define('BTN_SLIDER2','Find a Rent'); define('BTN_SLIDER3','I create my ad'); define('OUI','Yes'); define('NON','No'); define('BUY','Buy'); define('RENT','Rent'); define('NEW_PROJECTS','New Projects'); define('HOLIDAYS','Holiday Rentals'); define('FIND_REALTORS','Find Realtors'); define('FIND_TITLE_SALE','Find your home in Israel'); define('FIND_TITLE_RENT','Find your home to rent in Israel'); define('FIND_TITLE_PROJECT','Find your new home in Israel'); define('FIND_TITLE_HOLIDAY','Find your holiday rental in Israel'); define('TITLE_H2','Latest properties published'); define('TITLE_P',', the complete source of houses, properties for sale & for rent in Israel'); define('TITLE2_H2','Recommended cities'); define('BTN_SEEALL','See all properties in Israel'); define('MORE_INFO','More about this property'); define('AGENCIES','Real estate agency'); define('AFFICHER_NUM','Show number'); define('AFFICHER_NUM2','Show 2nd number'); define('AFFICHER_PORT','Show mobile number'); define('WHO','Who are we ?'); define('ISRAEL','Israel'); define('ENISRAEL','en Israel'); define('EXCLU','EXCLUSIVITY'); define('TITRE_MANDAT','Entrust my search or my property to real estate agency in Israel'); define('TXT_MANDAT','Whether you are a seller or a buyer, turning to a real estate professional is the best way to make your project a reality. By filing a mandate on our site, you will be quickly put in touch with real estate agencies in the region concerned.'); define('TITRE_MANDAT2','Post a warrant according to your need :'); define('NOUS_RECRUTONS','We are recruiting'); define('TXT_NOUS_RECRUTONS','Are you a developer, graphic designer, salesperson or marketer...?
Send us your request now and specify the type of job for which you wish to apply.'); define('AGENCE_IMMOBILIERE','Real estate agencies'); define('ACHAT_IMMOBILIER','Property purchase'); define('LOCATION_IMMOBILIERE','Property rental'); define('ACHETER','Buy'); define('LOUER','Rent'); define('TROUVER_UNE_AGENCE','Find an agency'); define('CEST_AUSSI','it is also'); ?> Real Estate Netanya - Holidays Rentals, Sale, Rental, New projects

Real Estate Netanya gives you the last adds of our realtors in Israel

44 Found:

TypeApartment METRECARRE 130 PIECE 5 REFERENCE 60-IBL-1146


House ben gurion street Galey yam 330 / 500 m2 7 rooms. lift. swimming pool Individual house Very high standing Sports hall Basement with separate entrance


TypePenthouse METRECARRE 145 PIECE 5 REFERENCE 478-IBL-200

For rent penthouse nat 600 natanya 145m + 28 balcony See view There is furnitures Vaad 600 nis Arnouna 1600 / 2 months


Choice of apartment for new rentals on kikar immediate entry

₪11.500 in Netanya , Nat 600
Ir yamim Add in LOCATION | 02/01/2020 | By Katz-muller

TypeApartment METRECARRE 150 PIECE 5 REFERENCE 478-IBL-196

Mini pentahouse of very high standing fully furnished and agency by architect High standing building Sea view Terrace of 50m2 Immediate entry!

TypeApartment METRECARRE 140 PIECE 4 REFERENCE 478-IBL-195

Superb recent apartment with a full sea view. very spacious stays + 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms Custom cabinet Immediate entry!


TypeMini-Penthouse METRECARRE 180 PIECE 4 REFERENCE 507-IBL-12

At lagun / nat 600 tours Splendid apartment Very high standard High floor , Very spacious living room Large terrace Master room with terrace 2 large bedrooms 2 underground parking, cellar A…


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